May 26, 2014

Joss Rositer...Dogs dogs dogs..

Could you tell us about the work you will be showing during this year's E17 Art Trail?
I have called my exhibition 'Joss Rossiter and Dogs Dogs Dogs' as I am showing my unique, whimsical, fun doggies this year.

How have you been preparing for this year's trail?
I am a dog lover and sometimes when I do my whimsical face/family portraits, people ask me to include their dogs.
So I started painting only doggies (and some kitties too). They have become very popular and I now get commissions from all over the world for my doggies.

Penny Fielding saw them and loved them all, and suggested we show these at this year's Art Trail.

Could you tell us about an an artist/ artwork that  particularly inspires you?
I am a Picasso lover, always was and always will be. I also love Modigliani, Hundertwasser and Van Gogh.

How does inhabiting a community like Walthamstow help your practice? 
My son and family have lived in Walthamstow for the past 8 years, so we spend a lot of time there. As a new artist I participated in the last E17 Art Trail (at the Deli Cafe), which was a huge success. I met so many wonderful people, including Penny Fielding
who inspired me and motivated me to continue doing what I loved so much. Art Art Art.

Do you have a highlight from the past 9 years of the E17 Art Trail?
My personal highlight from the last E17 Art Trail was being around so many artistic people, who work so hard to follow their dreams and struggle to earn some money along the way. It is an artistic community that shares and cares, that helps each other and that is growing at a great speed, and I am so thrilled to be part of it.

I am looking forward to exhibiting in Penny Fielding's fabulous gallery once more (I was in their Summer show last year where both my paintings sold), and to showing my wonderful vibrant doggies (and kitties) to you all.

Listing no.121 in the guide: Click here for more information 

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