Jun 25, 2015

Creative Appetite Post: Katja’s Crazy Word Kingdom

I first went to Katja’s house for the paper cutting workshop by Daff Workshops and was mesmerised as soon as I stepped through the door. As a lover of words, the look and feel of them, the sound as they roll across your tongue and lips, and the subtlety of use, I applaud the selfless dedication of her home to art.

The walls and surfaces of her corridor and lounge were plastered with favourite words people had created for her. She had even gone to the trouble of making a little dictionary explaining the meaning behind the words, useful when some were foreign, the story behind it from the artists’ perspectives and the cost (as most were for sale).

She even went one step closer and actively encouraged visitors to paint a word of their choice on the bright red floor in her living room. Crazy and genius! I added in "etiquette" and "epiphany" after my conversation at the paper cutting event.

Katja’s exhibition including my new paper cutting artwork will be in Leytonstone Arts Trail later this summer at All You Read is Love.
Here are just some of the words I admired:

Duchess Deborah with her sewn sailing story circle

The three characteristics the artist was looking for in a partner the dictionary informed me

Made up of all the little pieces according to the artist

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