Jun 25, 2015

Creative Appetite Post: Making New "Chinas” at the Cockney Rhyming Quiz

At the end of my papercutting adventure with Katja, she kindly invited me along to her cockney rhyming slang quiz run by Barrie from the Geezers from Bow. I was intrigued and made sure I could go. I was not disappointed! Katja’s genuine warmth radiated out from her quirky home onto the roof garden filled with an assortment of fat pot plants and laden with German treats of cheese and cookies.

Barrie, was quiz master host and as we settled on a scrambled together array of cushions and chairs, we formed loose teams and begun.

Katja the Crazy not sitting on a rare chair right behind her!
We were handed multiple choice questionnaires, and being on a larger team I thought we might be in a better chance of winning.

Sadly we were not destined to win. The self titled Duke David and Duchess Deborah were crowned supreme cockney experts and the losers were given a bottle of Liebfraumilch for their troubles. We came an honourable fourth - I think.
And the winners are... not us :(

The losers happier than the winners it appeared!
The winning team
Some of my favourites that I learned were:

Battlecruiser - Boozer
Jam jar - car
Aristotle - bottle (courage)
If you want to learn more this is quite a good resource: Altertons.

I also enjoyed this hat one of my team members' Mums had made her, I was informed the 'seeds' were made out of children's iron on beads, how creative!

If you’re interested in the work The Geezers do to engage with their local communities and ensure those in Age UK lead interesting and active lives contact Barrie or Ray.

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